Championing Sustainable Fabrics

While Hemp plays hero and takes centre stage, we incorporate other eco-friendly materials, ensuring your style soars while upholding our commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprints. HEMPZERO: the ultimate natural fibre fix, to give you clothing and styles rooted in eco-consciousness.

  • Dyes

    Our fabrics are dyed with purpose. Exclusively using azo-free dyes, we're talking low-impact, fiber-reactive magic that brings vibrant colors to life responsibly. But here's the real beauty: "azo-free" means no EU-regulated carcinogenic compounds and significantly less water usage. Because at HEMPZERO , style meets responsibility in every shade. Wear your colors, and wear them proud!

  • Button

    Collaborating with ethical suppliers, our coconut husk buttons are a nod to sustainability. No plastic, just pure nature, aligning perfectly with our commitment to eco-friendly fashion. These buttons aren't just closures; they're statements of conscious choices. Dressing up sustainably never looked so good!

  • Trims & Chindis

    Our commitment to minimising waste goes beyond fabric. Trims and labels are crafted from natural fibres like cotton to avoid excess material usage. And those Chindis, or extra fabric swatches? We're turning them into stylish accessories like scrunchies, potlis, and hair ties. Because at HEMPZERO , nothing goes to waste—everything becomes a statement piece.

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Welfare OF Workers

Behind every outfit is a story of love and positivity. At HEMPZERO, we've consciously partnered with fair trade studios and artisans in Uttar Pradesh, India. We are committed to ensuring our craftsmen receive fair wages, a clean, positive working environment to empower the hands behind the seams. This outfit is more than fabric; it's a labor of love for everyone involved.

From India to the World

HEMPZERO proudly draws inspiration from India's ancient legacy of hemp, as mentioned in the Vedas as the revered Vijaya plant with medicinal benefits. In homage to this rich tradition, we intertwine our sourcing practices and collaborate with skilled vendors across the country. Each outfit reflects the essence of India, combining cultural authenticity with a commitment to sustainable practices. Our vendors, steeped in the art of weaving textiles from natural fibres, uphold our roots while contributing to a global fashion movement. At HEMPZERO, we invite you to wear not just a garment but a piece of Indian heritage, resonating worldwide.